Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blow Dry

Contacts, blow dry, Chapstick
I was initially going to write an entry in which I over analyze my self conceived personality after reading an article on Forbes about how to "Become Successful by Understanding People's Personalities."  But nothing I wrote made sense.

I'm a "playful" which means I find happiness in affection, attention and approval.  But who doesn't.  I guess for me, those are much more important than loyalty... etc. etc.

I guess this makes sense.  Please thank me for the round of drinks I just bought you, I'm so generous. Please look at me because I know the latest dance craze even though I look like shit doing it.  Please hold my hand to show people that I'm in a really great relationship.  Please give me a high five for figuring out the bill because NO ONE can do it right.  I am queen, send me flowers... edible flowers.

God I'm so obnoxious.  I went through my twitter and facebook to clean out every last pompous post that I ever did.  All of these thoughts should remain on this blog that none of my friends read.  Am I becoming too self aware?

This would explain why I take it personally when I pick a restaurant and the 'guest' hates it.  Fuck you. Anyway.


I'm saddened by a crumbled friendship. You can't repair trust.  So there's nothing much to say but to fill the silence with uninteresting stories.


I put out a bag of old rice and bread butts on the sidewalk and someone claimed it within an hour.


I'm really thrilled that my vision has not changed in the past 4 years.


I don't think I'm aging very well

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