Friday, November 25, 2011

Halloween Fizzle

A little month late, but Halloween was a bit of a bust.  I think I knew it was gonna be meh when I had to recycle a costume.  Though I liked my outfit, some guy came up to me and asked if I was supposed to be a dude from the 70s.  NO IDIOT, I'm  FUCKING GIRAFFE.  God.  I didn't expect it to be as epic as last year's Halloween, but I must say this year was pretty bad.

NO ONE seemed to have plans.  So we ended up just going to an org event that turned out to be a bit awkward even though all of our buddies were there.  Lots of older folks and there was cover to hang at someone's house.  I guess I couldn't complain with the open bar, but still... someone's house.

Ended up in West Hollywood somehow only to pay for parking and then go home 5 minutes in because my sergeant boyfriend was drunk and samurai guy was tired.  Fiizzzzllleeeee.

My 2nd annual pumpkin carving event was a success.  Complete with pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer and korean chicken wings.

Some interesting ones:  Salormoon cat, iPhone Fail Whale and on the far right is Jimmy's first successful jack-o-lantern.  I'm amused that no one wanted to take their pumpkin home, but whateves.

Next year I want to paint my face for Día de los Muertos in the style of Michelle Phan.  Let's do something different!  And possibly go on a haunted hay ride.  Why not?  Plan early so that I'm not just wandering around last minute.

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