Monday, November 21, 2011

Straight Guys in the Desert

Random trip to the desert for J.Lo's birthday.
He bought a Groupon that granted him access to a condo for the weekend in Indio.

SO how do straight guys party?

Straight guys pour you drinks and challenge your manhood if you dont drink it.

...they keep pouring you drinks... and toasting...and yelling...

yup... that's about all they do... pour ...drink... matter what it tastes or looks like you have to drink it....

and then you die....

you die outside... and you die inside

That's what you get for drinking with straight guys....

oh they draw on you too.  Straight guys love sharpies.

Amazingly - they woke up early, cleaned up and left the house while the gays slept in.  Oh.  The gays also took all the beds and sofas so the straight guys just slept on the grass outside... ain't a thing.

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