Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elements of a Successful Karaoke Nights

There's always something about karaoke that some people hate.  The songs were boring, they are self conscious, people are mic hogs, but we managed to overcome all of that during our Diva Karaoke night by making sure that we achieved the essential elements.

1. Alcohol
Can't do karaoke without being loosened up?  Max Studios in Little Tokyo was so lenient.  We "snuck" 6 bottles of soju and a 12 pack of beer in reusable bags.  We made sure we cleaned up and weren't too rowdy so that we weren't blacklisted.

2. Current Songs - Max Studios also prides itself in keeping up to date.  They had Rebecca Black's Friday.   Our group was really diverse.  Folks put in rock, dance, musicals, 90's R&B, pop all good energy.

3. Performing Divas - Dab won the diva award that night with his reenactment of the Little Mermaid while singing "Part of Your World."  Situated on a rock in the ocean, see Dab lift his tail yearning to have legs.

Tommy got runner up feeling the music.  First call out.

Andrew and Jlo's rendition of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars was pretty epic as well.  Channeling Glee. Really committed to this song! Awwww worthy.

4. All Sing - You have to pass the mic and put in songs that everyone will sing to.  We even got some shy ones to shine.  If you're gonna chip in for the room, you best sing a song!   Journey, Seasons of Love, Disney songs are all winners.  And because we went with a big group - 1.5 hours = $12 a person.

5. Share the Mic - If everyone looks bored while you're singing - cut it short!  We managed to be considerate of everyone's time.

At one point, there was a spill and I brought in a mop and danced with it while people sung songs from Wicked.

After party

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