Friday, November 25, 2011

Pigging Out in October

Wanted to share some food porn that I had in October. Alysia introduced me to Food Gawker which is a site that aggregates the best (homemade) food porn on the web. They also have an app.  It's over!!!

Los Angeles you have the best food ever.

Chicago Deep Dish at Masa in Echo Park
Ernesto's good bye dinner *sad face*

Korean Boo Dae Jji Gae (Military Stew) at Johnson House
Better when you're drunk

Lobster Pad Thai at some place in Beverly Hills that I would never eat at unless work took me there.

Must have Thai dishes at Ruen Pair in Thaitown
Morning Glory?  Ongchoy?  What is that dish on the bottom right that I love so much?

Vietnamese Goi Hen (Clam Salad) at Via Cafe in Chinatown
Little Saigon has better (of course.)

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mich said...

that's chinese watercress!