Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New York Trip

"Once you visit New York, you'd want to move there!"

Eh, not so much.  Thought I'd give New York another shot because last time I visited was during the winter.  Plus I had some Jet Blue credit.  Woo hoo.

I connected with blogger friend Will who stopped writing since he's completely adjusted and now focuses on being a queer who drinks beer.

But, he gave me a great tour of the gay bars that he favors in the East Village.

- The Boiler Room had a great vibe, good music, young crowd and large dance floor
- Eastern Bloc was a small non pretentious dive bar with funny stools with labels like "Bottom."  Mony knew I would like this
- Urge Lounge was your stereotype gay club with raunchy boys

He explained that gays love fixer uppers.  So they went to Chelsea and fixed it up now they are in the East Village fixing it up.

I made Alysia tag along even though she was tired, but it was a compromise since we went to Max Brenner to get amazing Hot White Chocolate that was as viscous as puddy and check out a the Strand book store.  (Yawn.)

Started the night with some Basta Pasta (Japanese Italian) and we ended the night with some fries at Pomme Frites.

The day after, we spent in Brooklyn.

stacked cars
We had some Yemen food, hung out at the Brooklyn Park and went to the Transit Museum where I learned about the subway.

I thought it would a good idea to see how it was like to be a bus driver in Manhattan:

We were very strategic with our trip.  Alysia put all the places that we wanted to visit on MyMaps by google and then found an app that synchronized it.  I brought along my charger where ever I went because I relied on my iPhone.

All Alysia wanted to do was eat sugary things and visit museums.  Which was a balance from what I wanted to do which is drink until I vomited in the streets and stumble in the subway.

DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) was one of my favorite places:

Found another bookstore called Powerhouse Arena where they had a student gallery.  I found this installment interesting - a section of the bin for the homeless.

We ate a lot of pizza.  I almost had one pizza a day while I was there.

- Artichoke Pizza
- Joe's Pizza
- Patzeria Perfect Pizza

All were very good. Nom nom nom nom nom.

Saw two Broadway shows: Avenue Q which involved puppet sex which I was not ready for and Catch Me if You Can the Musical which was... just like the movie, except with singing and dancing.  Lots of money disappeared.

That night, ended up at three random places and partied with a good friend from work and Carl who was hosting me:

- Happy Endings which was a trashy Asian American club in China town with an amazing DJ

- La Caverna which was a trashing Jersey Shore club that was cave themed with faux stalactites hanging from the ceiling

- Some other place...

Carl over here could NOT hide his dismay at these clubs.  "Where do YOU want to go," said Jeremy... Carl's face expressed what he was feeling about trashy clubbing. I barfed in the streets of Manhattan.  Goal achieved.

Was not able to enjoy my overpriced brunch at Essex because of how hung over I was.  Waitress gave me some advil which helped.  

Alysia found this amazing 2 hour walking tour called The Village Sample Tour which I highly recommend.

This guy quit his job, read up on New York and created this tour that he manages on his own.  He showed us the following:

- Where/How Oreo was invented
- History of the High Line
- Where the Titanic would have docked
- Carrie Bradshaw's house
- Meat Packing district
Fitting in
- Where Stonewall Riot happened
- Where one of the presidents was supposedly shot/died
- History of the Chelsea market

He was pretty much amazing

I was walking with Carl and he grabs my arm in hysteria.  "OMG GROSS!!!!!"  A rat had passed our path.  Mmm.. it was probably garbage day where all of New York's trash covers the sidewalks.

I revisited Brooklyn, but this time in Williamsburg which is the hipster part of town.  I concluded that this is where I'd want to live if I ever live in New York.  My brain was about to explode at how much irony was sunbathing at this one park.  I also visited the Sunday market.  Got a little lonely while I was there.

Saw Sherry Vine perform at Barracuda.  She does a lot of Poop humor.

Hello Blogspot.  
Thanks for only saving half my entry.  FUCK YOU.  To be continued.....


Will said...

Ha. I don't believe I've ever been called "well-adjusted" before, but ok. Thanks for the pic!

Luuworld said...

looks like you had a great time!
i went to eatern bloc too when i was in nyc too. i liked it. but "the cock" was more...er...entertaining. haha