Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bay to Breakers - 2011

Bay to Breakers is becoming a tradition!

First, food:

Top Left: Eggs Benedict @ Tangerine
Top Right: Vanilla Gelato, Fried coconut flakes with caramelized banana @ Mony (amazing)
Bottom Left: Indian fiesta!!! (Discovered Samosa Chaat) @ Chaat Cafe
Bottom Right: The WORST nachos of my life. I am ashamed of you San Francisco @ Too Drunk in The Mission at a nasty ass Mexican food in desperation to remember

Second, party pictures:

Toad Hall.
Know the words to the song, make funny face.  Thanks Chuck for hosting.  Love Toad Hall.

CClockwise - Group Shot, Storm was drunk on the street of course, when Indonesia meets Cambodia and Duck face matching Stripes :P
I was skeptical when the moved VICE, my favorite night at BAR on Church (BOC) back to LIME.  No more ropes to swing on?  No more sweet bartenders?  Lime is tiny!  How are you gonna fit all those Filipinos and their rice cookers in there... to my surprise.  It was pretty spectacular.


It started off a frustrating morning when I was convinced the party started later... when we stepped into the streets, NO ONE WAS THERE! Unlike last year where the crowds were still walking passed 5 blocks from Mony's house.  "Yeah, you missed it," said some folks walking passed - they looked over it.  Jimmy and I hopped on a bus, the RIGHT bus.  And found the party at the Panhandle.  We missed the parade, but was in time to drinkkkkk.

Next year: start early and listen to the boyfriend.  We down all of our alcohol in one gulp to catch up.

Alcohol is restricted on the 100 Anniversary of B2B?!?! Are you kidding?  Drinking in the streets of SF is the main highlight!  But it was true!!

1 million people vs. 5 cops and sometimes the cops won.  If you were unlucky enough to walk passed a cop holding a beer can, they would grab it from you and pour it out.  Good thing I had a camelback.  But it was so pointless, their efforts didn't do anything but annoy people and create extensive mass of buzz kill moments. 

Though for 5 bucks, I bought some shady alcohol from someone's house who ran in, quickly filled her red cup and handed me the goods.  The thrill of it all gave me an extra buzz.  Thank you San Francisco.

Lots of good customs - shit ton of Angry birds, grapes and the cast of Pixar's UP.  That house is way too crafty.

Black Swan double dutch while drinking

Saxophone playing - Careless Whispers from SNL

Lots of green
Look who I found:

 That's right. DINA!  WOOHOOO.

Check out my outfit with Jimmy here.


"Why don't LA people hang out in parks?"  I noticed this when I was in SF/NY that people hang in parks.  In LA, the parks are only frequented by joggers and quinceaneras.
"Um.. it's because people go to the BEACH in LA... the beach is the park."

Everything made sense, like watching the ending of Sixth Sense.


We were smart this year.  Instead of being rushed to leave B2B in our ridiculous costumes the day of, we all took Monday off and left at our leisure.  Called Charles, told him to wake up and picked him up for some Oakland BBQ @ Everett and Jones Barbeque:

Last year's Bay to Breakers.  I sense a pattern - Castro, Oakland, Costumes, Food, don't see Ernesto that much.  Can't wait until 2012!

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