Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vietnamese Food - Amazing

Banh Khot @ Brodard in Westminster.  Thought people come to this restaurant for the Nem Nuong, the Banh Khot is also an amazing treat that's both amazing to look at and consume.  Banh Khot is pretty rare, so if I see it on the menu, I order it.

Banh Xeo @ Noodle Guy in Alhambra.  It's made from the same mixture as the Banh Khot, that's why they are both yellow.  I love eating this "vietnamese crepe" cambodian style in a bowl mixed together or viet style where you wrap it in large lettace leaves.  MMM

Pho @ Noodle Guy in Alhambra.  Pho!?  Duh, except this time it is with kobe beef.  Not on the menu and recommended by Johnathan Gold.  Order it and you'll feel a little elitist.  The broth was amazing and the meat was probably the most tender I've ever had from pho.  Probably from all that massaging.

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