Friday, July 1, 2011

Vietnamese Food - Family Style

Vietnamese food is usually single serving - Pho, Bun and Broken rice are all popular dishes made for one.  But when you have New Nuong - it's family style all the way which is my favorite way to eat.

We checked out Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa in the SGV which is famous for Nem Nuong.

These are the various pork that you can add to your spring roll with a ton of veggies to add.

Put it in the damp rice paper and roll like a burrito.  Jimmy had a little trouble so I rolled it for him.

You could also add Banh Hoi, which is compressed noodles or fried egg roll skins to add that crunch.

This was our appetizer, I always order it if it's on the menu - Banh Beo! YUM

Lots of sharing.  Love it.

I'm looking for other family style Viet dishes such as claypot fish, sour soup and Rau Muong (water Spinach) which my mom says is poor man's food in Vietnam, but is actually very expensive in the states.

Gotta share dishes!


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let's get vietnamese food.

mich said...

i made some thit kho trung the other day, which apparently is also poor man's food.