Monday, July 25, 2011

Day to Day

Sorry for the blog blitz.  Trying to catch up on life.

Discovered the Brooklyn Bagel factory down the street from my house.  mMmm. I could really taste the freshness of the bagel getting it directly from this factory. Soft bread.

Across the parking lot is a 24 hour laundromat with free wifi... OMG heaven.

Jimmy and I are still doing our burger adventure.  We tried out Golden State near Melrose/Fairfax.

It was very good! And comfortable.  We went on Sunday where we were able to find easy parking and an empty table.  Going on Saturday would have been chaos.  You learn what to do... like party on weekdays, eat on Sundays and walk as much as possible.  To the point of those who love NYC... visiting NYC is different than living there.  Just like visiting LA is different than living it.  You're in a different mindset and focused on just living. I guess I shouldn't be so quick to knock NYC and I may fall in love with it like I did with Los Angeles.

...and yes, we're still cooking.  Jimmy said, "I need to adjust my lifestyle and not go out to new places so often."  I told him, that I probably had something to do with that.  My eating ADD!  In May, we cooked when we could - Fajitas and Lemon Chicken! 

Still working out and dancing at Sweaty Sundays at least once a month.  Watch Sean do a modified death drop at :40 seconds.  For some reason, the classes have been getting a little bit harder for me and Jimmy.  Dunno if the moves got complicated, or we just don't have the capacity to learn anymore.  Either way... the class gets us sweaty.

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Alex C. said...

That video was amazing! Hope all is well.