Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Main Stream Gay Culture

I recently got an invitation for a Gay Charity Gala: Frat House for the Holidays.
It looked like fun and I looked at the list to see who's going. Hmm, only three of my gay friends were going. But why? Aren't we all "gay?" Shouldn't we support one another? Out of 50 guests, 4 were Asian.

Then I looked at the photo album that was included in the event:

Hm. After shaking my head for about five minutes because I know the guy "in the" santa hat, I realized that I had trouble relating to this. If you look at the picture next to it, you can see that the guys are in the bathroom. So, does that mean that if I'm gay, all I think about is sex and chill in the bathroom? Of course not, but why should I be a part of a community that revolves around being shirtless? Do I identify with this? But obviously, many people do and I've had my fair share of dancing shirtless in a cage at a night club. (hehehehehe, believe it or not)

There are many gay stereotypes and playing into isn't bad, but it's difficult for people who feel like they don't belong and thus they stay somewhere they are comfortable: e.g. in the closet.

I gave my friend some shit for the way the new gay frat at Berkeley was promoting itself: SEX SEX SEX. But then again, it IS a Frat. But still, it seems like being gay comes with expectations... and I just feel bad for people who only know about mainstream gay culture. It seems to promote such a transparent life style of gay people. There is more to being gay... and everyone who is gay should feel like they belong... right?

Don't get me wrong. Sex IS what makes us gays different and it also what makes being gay fun, but do we really have to be so BLUNT about it?

Well.. I guess for a charity event, it did get my attention...


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dannie said...

ooh gay frats, thers one at sjsu..but i havn't heard much about it. ooh you've danced in a cage before wow! i havn't yet..but i wanna try..when i'm more intoxicated that is.

jerome said...

i know the asian guy in that picture! hahaha. he goes to berkeley