Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Check... and uncheck

I got rear ended and finally went to the body shop to get a quote to offer the offender a price to do it outside of insurance. I had to pull some bad Vietnamese and reminded him of my father who referred me to get a good price.

It was lunch so I grabbed a Subway's "daily special" for 3 bucks! And called the offender about the price. He was glad to do it outside of insurance and I gave him address. I was feeling accomplished and was in a good mood because my lunch was cheap and I got something done. When I walked back to my car, I realized that I locked myself out. Apparently, I was too occupied with DJ Barney Frando's CDs that I put my keys in the cup holder instead of my pocket. Damn it.

Ok. At the CTC Banquet, the guy from AAA showed me how to break into my car with my antenna. I decided to give it a try. The antenna was too long and I sort of scratched the car next to me. I waited for it to move and tried for 10 minutes to no avail. What makes it worse was the car was taunting me. As I wiggled the pole, I saw the lock go up very slightly. But I didn't want to force it and break my antenna and it went back down. Cursed. I think people from IBM, Intel... etc were watching me.

I gave up because I didn't want police to come by... "it's my car I swear!!" God how embarrassing. I decided to walk back to work about 3 city blocks and told no one. How irresponsible could I be?! Just fire me now for being a fool. I hope I don't get towed.

Here I am at my cubicle. Tomorrow our reps from Korea are coming and I have to give a presentation about the products that I know nothing about even after 4 months. The VP was obviously disappointed when I was practicing in front of her. I can't concentrate.

Check and Uncheck. I'm ridiculous.


nick said...

so i'm super immature, and didn't read past the first four words in this post. "I got rear ended..."

yeah. i'm like a child.

itchy said...

that's what extra keys are for, chris.