Monday, November 12, 2007

What Do I Really Look Like?

I have in my external hard drive a folder titled: Conceited 2003.
Inside are 130 pictures of... you guessed it. Me.
Partially embarrassed, I realize that most of these images make great hairchives for your enjoyment.

Hairchive: The Actors

Hairchive: The Pointy

Hairchive: The Creepy

Hairchive: The Sea Monster

Hairchive: The Ear Ring

Hairchive: The Embarrassing Prom Date

I really do look different photo to photo. In the end, no one really knows what I look like. By merely changing the lighting or ANGLE, I become someone else. And people who have never met me make different assumptions about my personality depending on the picture.
This is the picture I had on back in 2003. When I met up with the guy... he told me I looked nothing like the picture. Apparently, this isn't uncommon.

But what's more interesting is this phenomenon called the Myspace angles. You will understand once you visit Myspace Angles & More. Some people have mastered the technique of knowing what angels are in their favor when taking a picture. While on downelink, I found this guy. He is also aware of the magic of angles. Take a look for yourself:

That's why photography is an Art... You can transform yourself and create different alter identities by changing angles/context... In addition to lighting and angles, your identity can also be transformed by hair! ;) But whats important is people perceive the real you and what you really look like comes through when they get to know you.

In other news, I went swimming today. Below are my goals.
I'm impressed with my pecs, they are coming along nicely.


dannie said...

i love how you can change your look with just a haircut. and photography is love.

jerome said...

that guy looks totally do-able in that left picture. photography IS truly magical. and WOW you were crazy skinny!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I say you go get that $30 "hair cut" if you know this Tony person can make your hair so bootyful then why leave him?? Is he any good with female's hair? I want a haircut!