Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Asian Americans Can Sing Too

Just a few out of hundreds of Asian Americans trying to get on top. Though it seems as though they need some Black in them to help them get popular. Like Kelis, Amerie Rogers, Ashanti and Ne-Yo. But I think these kids have enough soul... don't you?

At Last:

Breaking down barriers into the mainstream with their new old school style called 'hip-hopapella.'

American Idol: Paul Kim

Just ignore the part where he cracks.

Kevin Y. Wong
ThE shared this musian with me. Sexy Huh?


dannie said...

yay kevin y wong! i like how his voice is deep and masculine lol. have you watched 'at last' perform on america's got talent? they sounded pretty good too.

puppydogwannabe said...
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Kevin Y. Wong said...

Whoops double post.

Thanks to both of you! I appreciate; though I'm technically Asian-Canadian.