Thursday, November 1, 2007

OMG, I'm going to get Fired

During our weekly sales meeting, I am in charge of the minutes. What that means is I update the spreadsheet as we talk about accounts one by one. What I am typing is projected onto a screen for the sales team to view in real time.

The VP asks me to go to a website because we are looking for a contact information. She walks up to the screen to point to things with her finger. The child in me decides to follow her finger with my cursor. No one notices. I wonder what would happen if I put my cursor to project over her hand. Let's do it.

The minute, no SECOND, I roll my cursor onto her hand she jumps 1 yard into the air and hits her hand. "WHAT'S THAT, GET IT OFF!!!!" She freaks out, "WAS THAT A BUG?! I HATE BUGS!!!" If I was with friends, I would have burst in laughter. I stayed composed... NOT! OMG! I could not hold it in! "No no, it was my cursor." I look around and no one is laughing, OR smiling. I clear my throat, "I'm sorry." The meeting continues as if nothing happened and I have a giant smile on my face looking down to brush it off.



dannie said...

omg, i hope you dont get fired. but tahts funny hahahaha i would have to bite my hand or something. hahaha.

Jeff Wu said...

funny =] i give you a hug for that. are the meetings that boring?