Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hidden LA

On Western off the 101 is La Descarga.
To anyone passing by it looks like a dive bar, but inside was something amazing. Hidden was a Spanish style Rum themed speakeasy where you were greeted by people from the 1960's... I nearly fainted when I walked through the hidden passage to discover path back into time.

My photos don't do the place justice, but it was an amazing experience. The waitress told us they had surprise performers, live music, a cigar section. Most of the people here felt like business men. I had stepped into a movie and strict reservations had to be made the day before. I should have worn my suspenders.

And it made me wonder about what other hidden places there are in LA. My to do list in LA exploded.

Already on my list was to check out Derby Dolls next to my house:

To revisit the original Pioneer Chicken down the street that has been closed down due to gentrification.

To drive over the bridge on 6th street that connects East LA with downtown.

To visit the Museum of Death

To take LA's neglected Subway

To watch Luncha Va VOOM! Mexican Wrestling in downtown!!!

To find this hidden trolley Under fifth and hill

To take free Latin Dance lessons at the Conga Room in downtown

To watch a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery during Cinespia!

...will you join me?
.... sigh... my love hate relationship is so bipolar... hmm, same with the Bay.


X said...

you life the high life!!

ChungkingExpressions said...

yay shoulder shots in adult narnia!

Anonymous said...

I have been on the 6th street bridge. It's pretty fun, walking from the neighborhood across the bridge to downtown LA. Other things you might want to check out is Vista Hermosa Park near downtown which was the starting point for the 16th season of Amazing Race (current season), Umami Burger on la brea ave, I saw Chris Pine from Star Trek there. I recommend the Umami burger with shiitake mushrooms. It's overpriced but oh so good. Finally, the free ice skating at Great Park in OC. Along with the free orange balloon! Cheers!