Sunday, February 7, 2010

Escaping LA

LA is an interesting place. Two miles from my house is a Elysian Park. It's a huge park that takes you away from the City-Suburb and the only reminder that you're in LA is the distant view of Downtown.

Today I had a picnic with Alysia and Ernesto in this neighborhood park that no one seemed to know about. One family had a barbecue, another family was playing a game of horseshoe. As I played Crazy Eights with Alysia I was re-loving LA... because I found a place where I can escape LA without having to go too far.

LA was pissing me the fuck off lately because, no one can drive. Everyday I'm yelling to myself, "GET COMPLETELY OVER TO YOUR FUCKING LANE!!!" or "WHY DIDN'T YOU SIGNAL YOU FUCKER?" It was really stressing me out. And everywhere I went I had to think, "is there street parking, do I have enough cash for valet?! Shit." All this needless stress.

And really, the only time I go out is if someone else drives me (Roommate or Work) or if I know there is guaranteed parking. Otherwise it's really stressful for me to lug my long truck in a city that I've only lived in for half a year... I'm not good at LA by myself yet. As a result, I missed out on clubbing with MoNy, which he successfully made me feel guilty about.


I'm coming home this weekend for Vietnamese New Years. I really don't want to, but my family also guilted me into coming home. Be in the bay for Valentines Weekend? Fucking Shit...

My fingers are going to start itching to text people...

Best Advice from a friend: "don't do it. it never feels as good as you think it will."


Can we go clubbing in San Jose Anhimals and MoAny? I think we'd have a better time being trashing in lovely downtown San Jose than in pretentious WeHo anyway. It's home.


BTW. This is the only personal tumblr I enjoy:

Check it out. Ern said his thoughts are very "early 20s." I still think they are well thought out and a good read. I connected with this blog titled "Numb."


dannie said...

yay you're gonna be back in the bay! maybe i'll see you?

thwany said...

you should move to nyc where having car worries is probably #79 on your list

Anonymous said...

I am down for clubbing in San Jose. I wish I would get to see the HOT dancer from FRiday night...

Anonymous said...


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