Saturday, February 20, 2010

Date, League, Loyalty


My date last Tuesday was good.

Good conversation, no sparks. I felt bad that he paid, but youre paying to take someone you're interested out. Right? Anyway, I offered to take him out next time.. it was nice to have a legit date by heteronormative standards- meet through a friend, get invited to dinner, conversation... casual.

T'was nice.



I was chatting with a buddy who proclaimed, "he's out of my league." And I thought about what that means. I think it's a depressing idea and I would like to think that we are all in ONE league...


"Oh whatever, he's just another gay with the same insecurities." ... despite his pretty face, charming personality, good job...

He wants the same thing you want. And if he feels he's too good to give you a chance.. then you don't want to be with a guy like that anyway. Don't feel inadequate, ever.


While taking a few hits...

I chatted with a dude who came out in his later twenties or what I call a "late bloomer," yet his ideas of dating seemed realistic and mature. It reflect his age despite his delayed path to grand homosexuality.

Not word for word.. but generally speaking, this is what he said:

"If I'm horny, I'll mess around and that'll happen until we establish exclusivity. Hooking up is hooking up... I'm not too concerned with commitment, what I am concerned with is "emotional loyalty." Have all the fun, but let me know how you feel."

I was so turned on by his thoughts, but it could have been the 420.


ChungkingExpressions said...

Yeah I don't believe anybody is out of my league either. The way I see dating/relationships is the 50/50 rule. You either like someone...or you don't. Everybody has a 50% chance of being with anyone. Makes it less personal that way hehe

thwany said...

dating is fun

ernasty said...

i usually don't think people are out of my league either... i'll give anyone a chance... except fatties and uglies.