Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's Just Catchy.

What's the difference between K-Pop Girl Groups and K-Pop Boy Groups??

-Hair, Same
-Movements, Same
-Makes me wish I was straight, Same.

Was at Rage on Friday because my roommate guilt-tripped me... and drove me... and I had no choice cuz I was already in the car from a performance. (Amazing! Will blog about it later when Jimmy supplies pictures).

"Let's get fresh air Chris..." I was led to the patio and quickly turned around. Crowded and smells like cancer *scared*... so I ran upstairs and took a nap on the lounge chairs.

Best nap of my life on one of the lounge couches, thankful they didnt kick me out. Those fuckers are mean.


Anonymous said...

omg i think i saw you upstairs sleeping...RANDOM!

letopho said...

omg.. whoo areeee u!?!??!

Anonymous said...

ur pics make me wanna be straight

letopho said...

my work here is done Anonymous.