Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Ca ca ca caaaastro

Castro is one million times better than WeHo and as Ern told me, I am different when I party in San Francisco...

Because there is parking everywhere and there is no cover above 8 dollars I will buy rounds of drinks and I am having a better time... I don't feel cheated.

The music, oh god the music is amazing. Some throw backs no retarded remixes. I love it.

Trigger was a good time and they had lit up hula dancers that were entertaining.

We were at Toad Hall and I got elbowed in the head when I found myself in the middle of a bitch fight. Ern and Aaron re-actively lifted their drinks and put them on the counter so nothing would spill...psh.

After that step, Ern and I played super hero and helped break up the fight. T'was a highlight... and I was really amused because in LA.. i'm pretty sure the bitch fight would have continued for 10 minutes before someone did anything. Anything for a good show, right LA? And no one wants to be a hero.

Castro was so comfortable, West Hollywood is over capacity especially since a wave of straight folks have discovered the joys of gay clubbing.

Anyway, felt good to party with the boys and party at home... and I think I got my flirt on... I think.

Oh and Baghdad Cafe, I inadvertently tipped 38%... but that's okay because I love you.

Love love love love love.


mich said...

YES! love love love the bay.

Anonymous said...

I missed out again! Damn me being tired! I hate how my body is in sick mode whenever you're in town! Sounds like you had fun in Ca ca ca Castro! I will not miss out next time!

Alex C. said...

So great seeing u that night!