Sunday, August 31, 2014

Don's Superhero Bash

I got really excited when I was invited to Don's Superhero themed birthday party.  I was hunting for a costume and finally found a Green Lantern costume.  Yes!  Jimmy was also able to borrow a Robin costume that was a little small which was perfect for showing off his pecs.

 This was the first time I've attended one of Don's party and I was really impressed with the detail like this polaroid station at the entry.

And the comic book style guest book!  Oh yes - Joker Nurse outfit was amazing.

The bats in the bathroom caught my eye.

So many desserts!

When Don did his birthday speech he announced that he was dressed up as "Fatwoman" because he's old and fat now.  He also introduced his straight friend who is a virgin.

A lot of similar elements to 321 parties, but taken to the next level.  Don's place has real furniture, not stuff off the street.  So it felt less frat house more adult living space. The backyard is large and with a projector playing old super hero cartoons.  He also had real catering from a Thai place.  I rarely feed my guests. LOL - yall can feed yourselves!

Charles was freaking out about not having a costume, but woah - he forgot about his leather pull over and skull mask from our prop bin.  Work that whip!

They also up-ed their photobooth game with a remote timer, amazing comic props and a cityscape backdrop that probably took HOURS to make.  That's all tape and I have no idea how they achieved that.

Wilton wins as Sailor Mercury!  Nailed it!  Ryan also made his Nightwing costume.  Loved seeing variations of the same superhero costume.  My borrowed costume was nicely padded and my ring pop lit the way.

Spectacular party!

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