Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sixty Beverly Hills - Rooftop Pool Party Movie Screening

My company hosted a summer party for our clients:  a roof top pool party movie screening in Beverly Hills.  No sure how much Los Angeles you can get with this event.

 During the early evening we enjoyed some sliders and the view.  I didn't know this place existed, but it was definitely one of the best rooftops I've experienced.  I'm wondering how open to the public this place is.  I also wondered how much my company put down to reserve all of this.

 As the sun set, the DJs started to relax and watch the screening of Weird Science from their cabanas.  A couple of people including myself got into the pool.

 I really wanted to invite my friends.  At the end of the night there were a ton of tubes and beach balls left to be disposed.  One of the clients took a handful of deflated ones for her church retreat.  I took as much as I could and called for a Lyft.  I stuff the giant trash bag of inflatables into his backseat and opened the passenger door to find my driver holding up a white board that read, "how's your night?  I'm deaf."  I was amused.  He was probably amused by my bag.  We chatted via white board at each red light.  He was a nice guy and I was interested in "talking" to him as much as I could write.  Like a white guy showing off his second year Mandarin, I gestured "thank you" in American Sign.  I didn't really see any sign that he was impressed so I just exited the car... maybe my accent was off.

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