Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Echo Park Lake... It Looks Like A Painting

I've blogged about Echo Park Lake many times before, but it's because I love it and don't use it enough.  I get amused when people from West LA ask me if it's safe.  To them I respond with the picture above.  It looks like a fucking painting... but with people of color.. that's how safe it is.

In July we enjoyed the return of the Lotus Festival  which brought us some culture dance shows, festival foods and dragon boats.

But I guess it's good that people think Echo Park is dangerous because it keeps them out of the neighborhood. For your organic kale and cupcakes, please stay west of the 405.  The fact of the matter is, this neighborhood is ethnically diverse and if you're scared to come here please stay away so that we can enjoy it.


In June, Tommy had a low key birthday celebration at the lake.  We had brunch at the boat house where they served us food at our picnic spot (So as long as our number was visible from the kitchen)  What wonderful service.  Tommy wanted us to paddle boat and pretend we were mario karting... but we quickly realized how tiring padding was.   Though we got pretty close to the fountain and got a little moist.   We noticed a drone above our heads and I found the video clip! If you squint, you can see us!

I also made a video using a simple video editing APP.  Check it out!

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