Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Social Media Resourcefulness

I take a lot of pride in being resourceful.  If you ask me what good qualities I have, resourcefulness is usually mentioned.  There's always an answer and either it's available on the internet or through people.. all you have to do is look for it.  In the case of social media... it's internet-people that's your best tool.

But it doesn't help when people are idiots.  I found this guy on Foursquare to get tips on a mechanic that he visited.  He responded a month later:

People aren't obligated to help me, but come on.  How aggravating.  I should be rewarded for finding you with the answers I'm looking for! I guess people have to get over the initial shock that their information is all over the internet for any stranger (such as myself) to tap into.  Just answer the question please.

Is it creepy to comment on an Instagram, "great concert" to a stranger who had geotagged the same location?  Is it strange to play Find-the-Grind-R by looking for the guy that's "0 feet away?" and then doing the head nod to tell him that you know his gay-ass secret?  Is it rude to break into someone's house because you noticed that they checked-in on foursquare across town so you know their house is empty... to leave a birthday gift?  Is it socially awkward to join someone's dinner because you noticed that they checked-in and commented on yelp or facebook saying that they are having such a wonderful date and you wanted to be a part of it?

Am I being aggressive?!

The answer is NO... why else would you make this stuff public... with their REAL FULL name everywhere and facebook linked.  NOT aggressive - resourceful.  and very public.


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