Tuesday, January 10, 2012

November 2011 Recap

Nov. 11
P.E.T. Haus (Phil, Ed and Tommy) had a house warming party where I learned a couple of things:
Ern makes an amazing adobo (so amazing that I took shots of it), if there's carpet the chances that it will become a sitting party is more likely and potlucks will always include KFC/Chicken McNuggets.  I was impressed when someone brought 5lb worth of roasted duck.  Huan and JonJon came down and were pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was as well as more fashionable.  I guess so.

Nov. 17
With an open door policy we have folks coming in and out.... for the sake of comparing shoes.

Nov. 22
Thai Patio is the best place for big groups who want family style thai food especially for a quick Thanksgiving dinner.

Nov. 23
Played Spoons with penalties.
JLo had to give a strip show with a broom, Jimmy had to push a bottle cap across the room with his nose without his hands and I had to do a chicken dance around the room.  Other penalties: scream in the middle of the street that you are a furry hamster, kiss everyone's shoes, and give someone compliments for an entire minute.

Andrew wins with his geisha make up... "who is that girl I see?"

Nov. 24
Our favorite lesbian Cindy had a birthday party at her lovely Silverlake apartment

Lesbians and their fancy party treats.

Cindy is a part of this lesbian community that I obviously have no understanding of... but these girls are hot hot hot.  Only the sexiest for Cindy.  These LA lipstick lesbians were a lot different from the San Jose lesbians that I'm used to.. you know the ones with greasy braids, switch blades and bad grades.

Top right: Eric and his boyfriend David adopted Ryan.  What a special one.  And Ern and I are trying to blend in.  So much classy going on here.

Nov. 26

Nov. 29
Bought a Christmas tree from Home Depot.  We had to trim trim this monstrous bush with the help of Andrew.

November was just yesterday :]

Gonna keep up the decorations until our next party.

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