Monday, January 2, 2012

Faces of the Bay

Usually when I go to the bay area I keep it short because soon after arriving I find myself wanting to go back to LA.  This trip was different - I enjoyed my extended stay and was able to catch up with a handful of people.

Clockwise: At the mall with Anhimals, getting low in DT San Jose on Christmas, crashing at Mavs in the Castro, tasting Szeto's homemade macarons, brunch with JV at a family owned bakery, watching Sonny model and Joe play video games.

While visiting Huan, Charles and JonJon, JonJon made me a scarf necklace made of multiple strips of fabric.  Perfect for LA, because trends in LA is drapy.

Miwa reminded me an old photo album of us that we took in 2005 so we decided to reenact each pic:

MMM Also had amazing "Mexican" Mac and Cheese at Homeroom in Oakland.

Also met up with Madeline who I've been friends with since middle school.

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