Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What does 2012 Hold?

While my dad rocked out and paid homage to 70's/80's music on his Keytar to middle aged Vietnamese people in Milpitas, I had a more conservative New Years Eve in Southern California.

With everyone scattered and West Hollywood already checked off the list the Friday before, we decided to keep it intimate with Alysia in Pasadena and make a pizza, play board games and dance to Pandora.

Chicken and Pesto on homemade crust.

My stomach acid issues kept me from over drinking, but I did enjoy a Bailey's Hot Cocoa.  Sandy is rocking the buzzed sides she got off the street for free after a bike race in Portland.... Portland.

Just a quick photo shoot to show off our New Year's Eve outfits.

I brought streamers to decorate the house.  They quickly transformed into dancing ribbon with Pandora basting after the TV countdown.  Jimmy found Love in a Hopeless place and then vomited streamers.

What does 2012 hold?

- Year of the Dragon
- Leap Year
- Election year
- London Olympics
- End of the World

What can I do to top this off??  What ever it is, I have a feeling I need flashlights and at least 3 gallons of potable water stored in the house.  I'd also like a vacation in another country... and maybe a break from work.

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