Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy May

In 48 minutes it was be May 2.

I'm a little overwhelmed at how much is going on, but have concluded that May is the month I relive things that I've enjoyed in the past.

May 5 - 10 New York Trip
I had some Jet Blue credit and decided to take a nice vacation with Alysia.  I'm just looking forward to getting away for a little bit.  A true vacation and escape from everything so that I may return refreshed.  I have about 4 things on my to do list.
  • Shopping because there's no tax and I need clothing
  • Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, why not?
  • Party all Night with an old Coworker
  • Eat at Cara Cas because it was amazing last time
I think I can accomplish those things in 5 days.  It's been a while since my last New York trip. But I'm staying with the same fabulous friend!

Alysia added some other things
Days are looking full.  Hopefully it doesn't rain.  Excited to get my metro card.

May 15 Bay to Breakers in San Francisco
Last year I had an amazing time and look forward to it again!  This morning Jimmy and I decided to stay away from the Superhero theme and come up with recognizable costumes.   Jimmy will be Cup of Noodle.  I will be Top Ramen.

Ugh - can't wait to drink in the streets and walk across San Francisco.

May 30 - I turn 26
I've decided to celebrate my birthday at Barragan's because of the cheap drinks and ghetto music.  I don't like forcing my friends to pay for fancy dinners.  So cheap Mexican in my neighborhood it is.  This is the place where I remembered how to bump and grind.

Then party on Sunday the 29th at MJs whether it's a foam party or a glow in the dark paint party.  I know that this place is low stress and a guarenteed good time.

And somewhere in between I have to juggle work and working out because I'd like to enter the hot body contest for my birthday.  (NOT.)


I'm also not done blogging about April.
  • Chinese Food Adventure
  • Epic Yard Sale
  • San Diego Trip
  • Misc Beach and Parties
Ugh, I was doing so good


ndevelopment said...

spotted you and yur friends at latimes book fest this weekend :) noticed you're headed to nyc from reading your blog... u blog about food quite a bit. so i was thinking i should suggest the shake shack (burgers) in ny if you havent already tried...they have multiple locations throughout the city. i would recommend going to the indoor locations cuz the lines are crazy long outdoors. has to be the best burger and shakes (if yur not lactose intolerant) ive ever had. in-and-out and umami are way over-rated. have a fun trip! :) or on yur celly:


Alex C. said...

Honey, NYC has sales tax on clothes now. And supposedly no public drinking at this year's Bay To Breakers.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


thwany said...

have a blast!

sijagur said...

nice post.. i really love it.