Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chinese Food Adventure in SGV

The May issue of LA Magazine featured "The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Food."  Coincidentally, we were having our own Chinese food adventure with our Chinese parents Phil and Tommy as our guide.  I still need to grab this issue to compare!  Apparently there's a map that points out each restaurant and their Chinese specialties.

When we say Chinese food, we are not talking about the Chinese American interpretations you find at Panda Express (Orange Chicken, Beef and Broccoli.) But stuff that I've never even heard of.

All You Can Eat Chinese Vegetarian.
Fatty Homo say wah?

Happy Family Restaurant

The house chicken and squab lettuce wraps were probably the best, but as our Vegetarian friend explained.  "I like being vegetarian because I can eat a lot and still not feel full."  Jimmy and I looked at each other.  This made no sense.

The pork shreds resembled doll hair and Jimmy was left feeling robbed of the natural proteins of meat.  "The more I eat this, the more I want actual meat."  Mmmm that's why I'm dating him.  Though tasty, we were left with out.  The fish was pretty good, but of course it was "fish."

Dan Dan Mien at Lucky Noodle House

This is the first time I've ever heard of Dan dan mien, where have I been?  This dish is delicious!  Let me pull a photo from yelp:

Wow. Amazing.  The flavors were unique and cannot be compared to ramen, pho, chow mein, etc.. it sits in its own category.  EAT THIS.

Too Spicy
The Filipino at the table spoke up, "can we get one that's mild.........?" 

*request promptly ignored* 
No vinegar/mango/fried dishes to calm the fires of authentic spicy, sorry Lolo.

Family Style
101 Noodle Express - except instead of noodles everyone is ordering Beef Rolls

Imagine thinly sliced beef roll in a scallion pancake with hoisen sauce holding it all together.  Um.. yeah.  I don't understand how I've lived without this.  Mouth drooling now.

More Chinese adventures and possibly another dumpling making night?

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