Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There's always a fear that your personal "love photos" would leak onto the web.  Because of that fear... I personally have not engaged in the art of self nude naughty photography... since hs... *cough*

In fact, my friend just reached out to me about contacting a blogger who posted a personal picture of him and his boo-cakes on their site.  OOPS.  That's why you don't include your face!

I own some materials of my exhibitionist friends.  I know they are exhibitionists when I don't have do a rain dance to get them to send me a little something something.  But of course the more exciting ones are the ones you have to pry open a gold safe to get.

I had a chat with a friend about his pics and he sent me some which was no big deal since I've already seen it all... but it got me sort of curious... what does it feel like to be an exhibitionist?  Maybe I should just lay it all out there for the world to see like TiggahTigz.  And really, it's normal to do, ask Vanessa Hudgens about her sexting. (We'll those were accidental, but I'm sure she got excited to have to apologize to the Disney community.)

This morning I decided to do a little experimentation after a shower.  I positioned myself on my beanbag next to a mirror and took a snapshot that I was pretty impressed with.  Pecs look good, legs look long, tan is even, face is partially covered.  Eyes say, "come hither." With that, I sent it to the same friend for approval.  And now.... strangely, I'm eager to send it to more people.  WtF?

Maybe because it's not that naughty.. i'd consider it a funny photo.  Or is it the excitement of knowing assuming that someone maybe getting off by your image?  I guess these naughty photos are sort of a confidence booster.  It makes sense... it feels great knowing that folks find your photo interesting *slash* arousing enough to circulate.  You are a star.

So... for the sake of boosting my ego please click here for my naughty photo.  Maybe I should submit it to Guys with iPhones (NSFW).


Alex C. said...

Slut...kidding! We all need one of those photos once in awhile for an ego boost.


moAny said...

Lol. Ego Boost. And your naughty photo was not what I expected. I really expected a silly face or like a dancing cat. I was kind of dissapointed it was actually you.

P. said...

I just saw your pic on Tiggah blog:

But seriously, how would your naked pic help boost your ego? Maybe after swim day 35, then we'll see. I'm sorry if that sounds too harsh.