Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekday Adventures

Ern stumble upon this hidden LA gem down the street from our house. Dinner House M -a jazz club with a sunken bar with a Japanese American 70's feel.  Stained glass on the ceilings, retro sofas and "M," the owner who is the short haired Japanese Jazz singer that owns the lounge.  We told her we lived down the street and in her Japanese accent she replied, "We've been open for 20 years... there's a gay night on Wednesdays."

I'm wondering what gave us away, but thanks for the 411 cool cat.  Hipsters poured into the lounge to enjoy the DJ spinning MIA tracks.  Very chill.  It was here that we engaged in Plum Wine consumption.


The day after I had some Tibetan food with Alysia and friends in Pasadena at Tibet Nepal House.  It was so-so, but most folks come during their lunch buffet.  Cheers to new experiences, but unfortunately this new experience disagreed with my lower intestines.  Darn you YAK meat!!!   Let's just say the Yak didn't stay too long in my body.

I was in much discomfort, but nothing a gloriously clean bathroom in Pasadena couldn't fix.  We found a bench and recreated a photo from high school (2003).  Well, almost.  We have 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt instead of newspapers and Diana and Sandy have fled California for Portland, Oregon; we wish you were with us.

Loving active weekdays.

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