Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweaty Sundays - Dance Sex

I don't think the influences wore off this morning... and I am extremely thankful.

I heard of Sweaty Sundays through the New York Times and got a chance to participate with Ern this morning. American Apparel / Hipster dance class in Silverlake at noon. I was sweating so much and Ern was creating puddles beneath him specifically during the yoga stretch. He cleaned the sweat with his socks to avoid a lawsuit. Good thing they were knee-high socks; there was a lot of sweat on the floor.

This is our exercise attire of choice. Pose inspired by Fruits.

There were 50ish people in the class dressed in leotards, spandex and colorful outfits that mirrored Eric Prydz's Call on Me music Video.... actually it was exactly the same as the video with more gay boys and people of color-ish. The energy was high... extremely high and positive. I was jumping around as if I was still at the house club. During particular movements, I felt the same sensation that I felt the night before: euphoria. Particularly when I rolled my body and threw my hands in the air- a rush of chills ran down my spine as if I was suddenly hit by a fan in a sweaty room. I was experiencing dance sex as I stretched my muscles and overworked my sweat glands.

Not the routine we learned, but same teacher.

This weekend movement had been redefined for me. It was about feeling sensations in every crevice of my body internally and externally - and throwing everything I own into the wind pushing my senses to their boundaries while looking and feeling colorful.


Gauss Jordan said...

Okay, so watching that video, everyone's pretty much in sync. How long did it take to get to that point (if you guys made it there at all, lol)?

That looks like FUN. I just can't get from where i'm at to *that* in a reasonable amount of time, i think, lol.

letopho said...

@Gauss Actually I couldn't get all the moves in between and stepped on numerous people. It was basically a huge dance party!

Anonymous said...

So, i was planning on joining this zumba class. I'm too freaked out to actually go because it takes me some time to get the steps right in a regular dance?!!
*sigh* who knew exercising would get so complicated!!