Sunday, February 26, 2012

Small Talk

Jlo can't make small talk.  As a result he ends up having deep conversations with people in the most casual settings such as bars and lounges.  But somehow it's always natural.

Last night in Chinatown Jlo was able to get me to talk to him about relationships.  He gave me such an amazing perspective because he experiences the same first hand.

Basically he made me aware of the errors of my thinking. He made me aware that even though I claim to be an astounding communicator I'm actually just a great (small) talker.  Listening... is something I still need to work on.  So that night, I actually listened to Jimmy instead of just listening to myself and I have to say, Jimmy is a superhero for dating such an asshole.

To be less vague I've made Jimmy feel that his insecurities were invalid.  I've said word for word to him in pure aggression. "Your feelings ARE invalid."  But Jlo repeated to me the point that Jimmy has been trying to make for months - Feelings are NEVER invalid because you can't control them.

"I know you'll work it out because I know you love him."  Jlo said to me.  So that night I let Jimmy know that I love him with all of my heart and did my best to listen to everything that he had bottled up for a very long time.   That's what happens when your boyfriend refuses to listen to you.

All I can say is I'm sorry, but I'll work on it to make things better.

Doing the Cha-cha
I make small talk.  I make small talk at work, I make small take with my friends in LA.  And I always make note about how I really don't know much about my friends.  The stereotype in LA is that we are superficial.  Aside from being vein, it's also an issue with surface level friendships.  To be honest LA was boring me, but actually talking to Jlo about something that mattered to me made me realize that I need to put more effort into getting to know my friends beyond throwing kick ass house parties with amazing themes.

I think my quest to explore LA should encompass the exploration of people beyond "how's your day" and "how is work."

In Chinatown when our boyfriends got shy, Jlo and I danced in the streets to the rhythm that surrounded us.

There's me as a gazelle.

I tweeted that it was a "feel-good" saturday because Chinatown surprised us with raw hidden LA.  Stress-free cheap dinner, art galleries along Chung King road and a DJ playing sexual healing jams at Mountain bar.

Found Live Music

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