Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giraffe T-shirts

Rose bowl flea market find - couldn't justify the purchase, only the picture.

I think there comes a point in every blogger's life where you just stop posting as often.  I think I came to realize that not everything I do is worth sharing and I cut back organically.  Also, I get so overwhelmed with consuming content in its various forms that I don't make time to create content.  And to create content was something that I found very satisfying.  I guess with the advent of social networking the general population gets validation by the amount of shares, comments, likes, reblogs they get and really 15 minutes of fame turns into... just your general internet footprint.... and how much klout you have.  Like a mini internet celebrity, but not really because everyone else is doing the same.

So I apologize to myself for not allowing myself to use this medium of expression.  But recently I've felt like a lost soul.  Blog - please be my guide.

"Where do grown ups shop for clothing?"  I asked Alysia as we walked into Aeropostale, PacSun and American Eagle.  "And why, after almost a decade, are these clothes still the same?"  I noticed polos and graphic ts that haven't evolved.  "Because they are classics?"  Though I guess boring tops with obnoxious brand logos is a "classic" form of attire.

The other day tommy commented on my yellow polo that I took from Monyrith when he was clearing his closet years ago. "I have that shirt... like.. sometime ago in high school."  With a charming smirk he adjusted his very fashionable.. i don't know what he was wearing, but it looked good.

Why am I still wearing children's clothing? I have a mountain of giraffe t's and just ordered another one from threadless.  And with my growing gut, the fitted look is "fitting" in the wrong places.  My pecs have mushed together and moved south towards my naval.

How does one make a conscious effort to be more fashionable, to dress their age if they have yet to develop that taste??  I really did try though- went to New York and got some Uniglo button-ups. decided that henleys were grown-up and ordered a ton of those from Urban Outfitters online.  Stepped into H&M, but stepped out after realizing that it's the official uniform for the gaysian american of 2011-2012.

If you have tips, please help me out but so far I need the following:

  • khaki pants because I only own jeans
  • plain shorts because all my shorts are... plaid shorts
  • boat shoes?  Is that what I should be wearing?

k, that's all I got.  It's sad- I inherited my little brother's trench coat because his ex-girlfriend gave that to him and he can't bare to reminded of her.  Thanks for the wardrobe upgrade brother who is 6 years younger.


Lucy Loui said...

Love the giraffe coat. Where is it from?

letopho said...

Lucy - I found it at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA!

But I didn't buy it.