Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gay Asian Erotica

In Portland is Powell's bookstore: the worlds largest independent used/new bookstore.I found myself in the gay section the entire time looking for good Asian American Gay literature which I realized that day is very niche. Gay- Literature - Asian - American... what a key word search. I didn't find much. But really, everything I needed is online through blogs, it's just a matter of finding them.

Per the recommendation of ManFrancisco, I've been reading Wesley's Writings. I was initially turned off by the amount of words (considering how illiterate I am), but then captivated as each dating/sexual encounter was vividly painted. What makes gay Asian blog writing better is the expectation that these sex stories are real vignettes of someone's life. And why gay AND Asian? Because... I'd like to think that I'm connected to them.

Wesley captures my straight guy fetish precisely with this entry here. But as Wesley describes, "after a few too many conquests in the straight world I realized it wasn’t worth my time," I on the other hand still find it a favorite pastime. I enjoy my play time with a "straight" boy despite the emotional exhaustion.

At times I wish my friends didn't read this blog, its existence is evident. I find myself writing more inhibited. Sadface.

I'm flying home tonight. I have a handful of exciting wholesome fun to document.


thwany said...

i don't get down with these supposed "straight" or "bi" dudes.

i'm sorry but i refuse to compete with vagina.

Joey said...

Hahahha... dude, try Cory Koons. He's freakin' legendary.