Sunday, August 15, 2010

All I Do is Eat/Drink

My homeboys are coming to visit on Labor day weekend and I'm trying to come up with places to take them... but all I can think of is food.

Homemade Grilled corn Sunday snack.

Coworkers invited me to szechuan style hot pot.  I thought they were going to do it at their place, but there was authentic place in SGV called Lu Gi.  The waiters were extra helpful picking the ingredients for us.  I ordered Yam knots because it reminded me of sukiyaki with Chris in college, I believe those were one of his favorite things for hot pot/sukiyaki.  Almost as good as the hotpots that we have at 321.

Oh yes. Open Vodka bar at Bardot on Tuesday.  Great dj- they played Lauren Hill's Doo Wop (That Thing).  Ya'll know the lyrics.

On Friday, I went to the OC to spend time with Michelle.  As predicted we found a late night Viet place in Little Saigon.  Oh delicious duck eggnoodle:

It's because we are Vietnamese with glasses.  Could you remind me of the name of that place, Michelle? I must return, it was such an extensive Vietnamese menu.  All it needed was Caramelized Fish claypot.  WHERE DO THEY HAVE THAT?!

==== edit ====
Yelp is the best thing for a business.  I discovered Hoan Kiem in Chinatown LA which specializes in Banh Cuon.  It had a simple menu and description of the recipe that had been passed down through the grandparents.  Delicious!  Handsome Michael loves Vietnamese food.

I also discovered Kalbi Burger with Jimmy as it was featured on YelpLA's front page.  Korean beef in a burger!!  It was delicious and with free valet parking.  A must try in K-town.  Apparently a lot of folks at the joint that night also stumbled upon it through yelp.  The  owner expressed gratitude for Yelp's service.  If you food is amazing, people will come.  This photo does NOT do it justice:


thwany said...

i miss good vietnamese food, it's impossible to find in korea

letopho said...

@thwany and Mexican food!

mich said...

mmm! i wish i had some right now. the restaurant was called thanh my. if you want good catfish in a claypot, i like dong khanh. they have good canh chua and fried squid too. i also have com tam, com ga, pho ga, banh cuon, and nem nuong recommendations, if you want them.

vieeeetnaaameeese! with glasses!

letopho said...

@mich OH YOU. :] I would travel for 45 minutes to see you. But nothing more because my truck is a gas guzzler.

Oh. I'm amused that we share personal frustrations. It's not just me!! ;]

P. said...

The girl sitting next to you is very cute. You two would have made a perfect couple!

letopho said...

@P. She's a bit crazy. I prefer the boy sitting diagnal from me.

the holla said...

i will take you to koi fusion in portaltown! korean bbq tacos, mmm

letopho said...

@the holla i want to consume all delicious things in from Portland!