Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Everyone wants to have it, but the question is: do they want to have it with you...
That's what everyone is trying to figure out. Only those who are brave enough to make the first move actually get some. People don't mind doing it with someone they're not attracted to, after all, it's just for fun. But NO one wants to do with with someone who doesn't even try to make moves.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone who is even slightly interested in messing around with you had an arrow above their head to notify you of their interest? The world would be less stressful, but less would get done that's for sure. The fact is, no one tells you they're into you to your face, so why would they tell you that they wouldn't mind dancing horizontally with you? They don't. There are millions of attractive people who don't know how attractive they are physically, but being shy prevents them from getting any ass (preferable ass in moderation). But you should be able to read signs: eye contact, gestures, clues in the conversation. It's a part of survival to read signs. And it's also survival not to be hesitant.

I told myself that if I saw someone I thought was cute, I wouldn't hesitate to focus my stare until they noticed me. The goal was to get a smile from them. Easier said than done. It was my last semester anyway and there was nothing to lose. If I was wrong about their orientation, straight guys love getting attention from anything, so nothing is lost. Plus all of them are curious to some extent. But its just hard to make those moves. But it's more fun with a "straight guy."

But what is for sure is Sex with someone you care about is always better than something casual. Though I said it before, it's all just for fun.

And why am I talking about Sex? Because Aaron and Diana made me watch Sex in the City. It's a show about 4 sluts and their mom.

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the holla said...

three whores, silly... not four sluts! get your facts straight!