Saturday, July 14, 2007

A New Chapter

So a new chapter of my life begins and I am not ready to turn the pages.
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My friends in my clique, Alysia and Smyr, have both discovered what they want to do next: research and education. I have an education minor and my major implies that I do extensive research, but somehow none of that appeals to me. As of now, I have made a comfortable living back at home with mom, dad, and little brother. It's not too bad, I have my own room downstairs and everything is taken care of for me... but where's my independence? I guess I left it back in Berkeley at my beautiful apartment. I liked paying bills and having friends over and doing whatever the hell I wanted with the space given to me. But I lost it all when I didn't find a job.

While everyone was looking, I was focusing on a passion: acting and dancing a cultural production. Maybe not a passion, but rather a hobby to distract me from real life for a short while. I sort of wish that I didn't go to Berkeley because now the bar is raised. I am expected from others and myself (especially) to get a decent job with this decent Bachelor's in Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Woo Hoo, so amazing. Whatever.

I figure, I have my youth to live and work can wait. But it's been a month and I'm done with this vacation. I had one interview and the Vice President could SMELL that I was the wrong fit. Well, to hell with you because you're right, I would have hated my job. But you know what? Who doesn't hate their first job?

Summer has been exciting as a 22 year-old in San Jose. The night life is pretty impressive if you got a 10 in your pocket, gas to spare, and some friends that are really light-weight. And I guess I AM looking forward to a couple of things: The Bar in SF 80 Cent Drinks to 80's music! on Mondays! Of Course I am there. But during the day, I have been procrastinating on Thank You letters and washing my truck.

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