Sunday, July 15, 2007


Everyone is a little OCD.

My dad told me that he had to arrange the dinning table in a certain way even when people have already sat down, but then when he had guests over he accidentally knocked wine into their lap when he tried to rearrange the table set to his liking. After that, he controlled it.

My friend does things in fours, but his favorite number is three (I think). He knocks four times after seeing something and claims to be a patterned channel surfer. I don't notice it. He also doesn't like bad grammar, I mean poor grammar, wait.. bad? Anyway, it'll bug him until he corrects you. Which is great for me because I want to speak and write properly, but may be bad for you because you think it's condescending. Well, maybe because he says it in a way that makes you feel beneath him. Yeah, my friend should work on that.

My other friend is scared of esculators, dirty feet, and contaminated food. She must sit in the middle and slugbug. She was able to control it before, or maybe I was too oblivious to notice it to begin with. But now that she's been seeing a therapist and openly discusses with me, her habits are really noticable. But it's hard because her "symptoms" are inconsistent. Maybe because she trying to control them. That's good. Lately, I noticed a lot of restraining on her part. She's trying really hard to not let it consume her life. And even though she's great to tease, I'm really proud of her. For now she's just silly, which a lot better than crazy.

I'm OCD when I read lists I start from the last thing and work my way up. On the facebook, I read my feeds backwards. When I read blogs, I go the first entry and go from there. And when I read, sometimes I go to the end to see how much more I have left. Maybe because I am impatient. But that doesn't matter because the point is, I don't let it consume my life, I try to control it. OCD is NOT an excuse, its just a part of your character that you should try to control rather than live with forcing others to tolerate your habits, (unless they don't mind).

OCD is NOT an excuse, control it and move on. Or at least try.

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dannie said...

i always check the back of the book too. so i know how much i have left to read because i'm that impatient.