Sunday, September 25, 2016

New York and Chicago Skylines

I really romanticize the DTLA skyline, but my recent work trip in August made me realize that Chicago and New York have some definite style.  I guess DTLA just has the mountains in the back, a nice orange hue because of pollution and it's quite pleasant to look at coming from any highway entering it.

This view of Manhattan from the Hudson River park is quite stunning especially during sunset.  It was so nice to watch local joggers go back and forth.

It seems like my New York friends all live in high rises.  This is the view of downtown Brooklyn.  I enjoyed this after a great BBQ.

Joe lives in Hell's Kitchen which is the new gay neighborhood in Manhattan.  He lives in the sky.  I asked the door man, which floor 30A was and he said... 30th floor.  I'm sorry, I'm Los Angeles... most buildings are 2 stories!

A view from my work balcony has a nice complete view of New York City.

The Chicago office had a similar view and apparently an agreement that the view will never be obstructed.  I saw some water and asked if that was the Atlantic... apparently the Great Lakes are actually that great.

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