Sunday, October 11, 2015

Californian Sunset

When Quan visited back in April he asked to check out Venice Beach during sunset.  After we ran to catch the sun, he turned to me and said, "you guys don't understand how lucky you have it to experience this everyday."  He started tearing up, "it's so beautiful."  Then we went silent and gazed west.  And it was that moment that I realized that Californian sunsets were something I definitely took for granted.  It took someone from the East coast to point this out.

How are sunsets different in California?  Or rather on the west coast?  The sun sets into the ocean resulting in magnificent colors and strong contrast between the ocean and the sky.  This week after a random evening of rain, the sky was a beautiful orange.  I managed to snap this while going 2MPH in afterwork traffic.

Quan was right.  We are quite lucky.

We also took Quan to the Getty Center.  Where I demonstrated by model techniques.  I call them "dead fish" and "Thai fingers."  Some photos that Quan took of us:

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