Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Coastal Living

Manhattan Beach

The Strand House at Manhattan Beach pier is spectacular.  This is the view from our lunch table.  Front row seats to a tsunami and I hope that glass is thick enough.  It felt like a quick vacation and something I appreciate much more since I don't live near the coast.  Those are giant glass windows that protect us from the harsh natural atmosphere.  They are obviously cleaned rigorously everyday to provide the best view possible.

Come for the view, not for the food is what I wrote in my Yelp! review.  Though this hamachi is delicious, it's nothing too special especially for the price.  But again what are you really paying for?  I'm paying for this pretty picture.


This was the view from The Sunset restaurant in Malibu.  I pictured a beach side wedding reception here.  Someone offered to take a picture of me and a new hire by the beach.  We politely agreed.  The photographer then called out.  "now KISS!!!"  To this we both said... "we just met!"  Which made for a very awkward interaction.  We rushed back to the restaurant to join the others and share the story.

I guess we make a cute couple.

Many bottles of wine in and we're acting silly.  You can kind of see the ocean out the window.

What an attractive looking team.  We enjoyed wine tasting at a place off the PCH.  I pretended to taste the wine, but really I was just pounding it.  And by pounding it I mean sipping it and by sipping it I mean I was asking for the 3rd taste after finishing the 2nd in 4 seconds in front of the bartender.

Marina del Rey

Oh don't mind us!  We're just making our way to our yacht wearing our pastels.

The boat went in circles around the marina while we schmoozed and schmoozed.  People avoid this event because they feel trapped.  But I think it's quite nice to be a on a boat looking out.  There were three levels with food, dancing and whiskey tasting.  I definitely took advantage of that.

Will Rogers (Ginger Rogers)

I took this photo a while back when I noticed how dense this area of the gay beach was.  Everyone.  Rainbow flag.  Bad circuit music.  It's interesting how the gays flock to this secluded area a few miles north from the touristy Santa Monica pier.  No one would ever know.

What I liked about this is that there are a variety of body types.  I wasn't drowning in muscles.  

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