Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

What's new with me?

Nothing really.  Trying to figure out my 30th birthday.  Party favors, food... time coordination.  It's less work than usual since I'm letting this charter boat take care of some of the stuff.

My mood last week was a low, is it residual Coachella withdrawals?  Is it that my company which was seemingly doing very well decided to do mass layoffs.  But I was spared, but have a lot more work on my plate.  Work that is more challenging.  But we moved into a bigger nicer office with standing desks which I love since I dreading getting the sit line; the crease on your stomach for sitting for too long.

I've been blogging a bit less because it seems that being more hidden about my life seems more appealing, but with my low energy and general dissatisfaction with weekday life, I feel like I need to return to my therapeutic hobby.  Also, I'm hosting my pictures on flickr.  My retina display is making the pixelation in compressed photos more obvious.  I suddenly have a thirst for sharp images that cannot be found if pictures are hosted through blogger or facebook... and now picasa which was never updated.  The entire interface of this neglected photo organizing software is pixelated on retina and the Photos App isn't doing it for me without real file control.

Last weekend was fun.  We did a handful of things and the weather was perfect.

N.A.O Ramen

Before we visited the "art piece" we had ramen and pleasantly found that the ramen was "on the house" because we had inadvertently came during a soft opening.

Vincent Lugo Park

After the ramen, we grabbed some boba at Factory Tea and goofed around the monster park.  I love these play structures.

An artist covered the Bate's Motel in Silverlake all white which made for good photos.  This building was such an eye sore since it was abandoned and tagged up.  Many squatters were found here.  They are finally demolishing it ... probably turning it into a mix use building.

Photo courtesy of Mitch

The weather was perfect.  That day was full of sunday funday drinking at the Eagle which was surprisingly fun.  Dinner at Sunset triangle and a movie at the Vista.  Never had I ever enjoyed walking around Silverlake, but it could be the 4 shots of Jameson talking.

This Sunday funday is spent at TomNtom.  We're resting from a wonderful beach day for Charles' 32 birthday at Malibu.

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Mike Nguyen said...

happy early 30th! (: