Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Out and About in Los Angeles

I live by the 101 South entrance right before DTLA.  At this point, traffic on 101S thins out and I'm given access to the 10E - SGV, 10W - Westside, 110N - NorthEast LA, 110S - Work... the possibilities are endless with this entrance!

Did a handful of random things in March which were a little different than usual.

Downtown Bookfest at Grand Park

The first booth we stopped by had us doodle on a long strip of paper.  As we drew, musicians with the flute, drums, accordion etc. would plan sounds that represent the design.  Like drawing music.  It was a great idea!

There was a live story telling, a wall where you can write what you love about LA, and a small book store.

They asked us to write a 5 word poem on the ribbon to hang.

There was also a booth where they asked us to write down our favorite book and then they took a picture and printed using an instant Polaroid printer!  This is where Jimmy got the idea for my birthday present.

Play the LA River - A Tour from 6th Street Bridge Led by Urban Rangers
LA River is pretty neglected.  There is this amazing bike path that I've walked a couple of times and it'll soon be gentrified with a huge project to revitalize it in.  I'd love to buy a house here, but it's already getting expensive has places are being flipped and sold.  In the meantime, Jimmy and I participated in a Tour of the 6th street bridge which many people already go to illegally.  This time, it's open for the public with the guide of a ranger.

Yelp Elite Event - Mascarade Ball
One of the benefits of writing reviews on Yelp! is being invited to these random events.

This event in Glendale had snacks, drinks, photobooth, and a really odd food demonstration where this chef would essentially plate food to dance music moving around erratically and making a mess on the table.  It was really really really strange.

Luckily I was wearing a mask to hide my confusion.

York Park in Highland Park

Highland Park got a nice new kid/family friendly park complete with musical instruments and other interactive structures to encourage learning.

Would have loved to stay longer, but it was a little odd that 4 grown guys were hanging around a kids park.

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