Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Recap

hat a food adventure in January!  This is where I explored:

Lobsta Shack - Lobster Rolls - Chinatown
Monja Tailker - Noodles - Rosemead
Belly & Snout - Filipino Fusion - Koreatown
Dai Ho - Noodle noodle noodle - Temple City
Jazz Cat - Golden Fishballs - San Gabriel
Whiz -Burger - Koreatown
Jasmine Market - Coconut Lamb Curry - Culver City
Jazzcat - Jurassic Meat - San gabriel
88 Beef Noodle - Arcadia

Angel City Brewery also provided much entertainment encouraging us to bring our own board games and importing snow... for kicks.

The Line Hotel is really dishing out posh venues.  Commissary a greenhouse restaurant that serves $12 carrots and a new 80's themed bar that's on my to-do list.

What really annoyed me about this place is that it served my lychee cocktail in a miso soup tupperware.  My eyes were rolling so far behind my head I can see the Inside Out characters in my brain.

Other things:
- Took my cousin out to the Abbey for the first time.  I made her touch the go-go boys and she told me she felt like she was cheating.
- Checked out "Dance Yourself Clean" at the Satelite in Silverlike which was uber fun.

- Check out a gay night at Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown which turned out to be a lesbian night called Rumours.

Oh what a month.

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