Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Recap

Eating out February
The Spoon - Koreatown - Kimchi Pilaf
Poke N Roll - Glendale - Not really Poke, but lots of fish options.  Unagi and roasted garlic!
Sage Organic Vegan - Culver City - Vegan Ice cream
Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra - XLB and Pan Fried Dumplings an
Fred 62 - Los Feliz - Bossa Nova Waffle
Feng Mao - Koreatown - Lamb Skewers
Monzo - Little Tokyo - Basic Dipping Udon (a bit too bland)
Steampunk - Burbank - Mexican Mocha and Chicken and Waffles

Because of Hawaii, I wasn't able to throw a 2nd annual Lunar New year party.  It was quite a bummer since it would have been called "Get Rammed" for year of the ram/sheep.  A missed opportunity indeed.  Other things that happened in February.

  • hearts everywhere
  • Valentine's Hotpot with my baby
  • people driving up on random things
  • Andrew's 2nd annual backyard bbq at his parent's house in Larchmont

My twitter post made it on ABC news!

We also checked out the Louis Vuitton Series II exhibit.

We snuck onto a helicopter pad on a Glendale rooftop

Checked out the Tet Festival in the OC.  So many politics that lead to the fair being canceled or moving locations.  It's hard to keep track.

Celebrated Mitch's birthday in Echo Park.  Mitch has lots of straight friends with babies.  One of the gays said that they wanted a baby and I responded sharply, "then you wouldn't be able to travel!"  Jimmy hushed me scared that one of the wives would hear me.  Oops.

It's nice to have a local Vietnamese friend to connect with on a cultural level.  Mitch is so Viet that he listens to Vietnamese Music.  It's such a relief from hanging with Filipinos who are seriously obsessed with themselves.   So much pride... and emotions.  

"You know you're Filipino when..."
"20 Celebrities you didn't know were Filipino"
"13 MUST Try Filipino Dishes."

It's like the Asian staff of Buzzfeed is only Filipino.  And most Filipinos who've I've met can't stop talking about being Filipino.  It's pinoy-ing.

...anyway.  This is Mitch, he's VietnAmazing

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