Monday, January 12, 2015

Switzer Falls Welcomes us to 2015

We did a good job starting off 2015 with hikes and it seems like this is the year of more outdoors activities.

Switzer Falls - A clear sign that we're in a drought

This was our destination.  A glorious waterfall in the San Gabriel Mountains.

We needed to purchase a quick permit and thankfully we had some light jackets because it was chilly in the shade in the early morning.  It felt like Jimmy and I were starting a new adventure.  Our anniversary just passed and this was our celebration with our friends and nature.  I also discovered that I don't look too bad in a beanie.

The mountains were really pretty.

Charles, John and Darnell were our company.

And here we are, the glorious falls.... after being afflicted by the drought. So sad.

We made the most of it by learning how to scale granite.  It was actually pretty scary even though it was a pretty easy incline.  Needed to use that step cross skill.

Our reward for the day:  Jazzcat Hotpot.  Give me that Jurassic plate!

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