Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ernest E. Debs Regional Park Hike in Monticito Heights

The views on this hike are amazing and it's pretty under appreciated like a lot of things in Los Angeles county.

Maybe it was because we were hiking during golden hour, but geezus it was so beautiful look at downtown from this view point.  Save that concrete jungle for New York So Cal is lush!

You wouldn't think that this hike we be interesting because of how easy it was, but there were lots of surprises.

You can see how the highway slices through the valley and then into the city but not before stopping by these cute neighborhoods

My turn!

If you take the correct route you will stumble upon a hidden lake.  There were kids running around, couples snuggling on a picnic blanket, people fishing.  It was like an oasis unaffected by the drought.

I'm really in love.

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