Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Across the Golden Gate

Back in November, Jimmy and I planned a spontaneous trip to the bay area.  My number one activity was to bike across the bridge since it was something I've never done before.  The Sports Basement was the perfect rental with free parking and exceptional prices ($15 for 3 hours!)  Remember to check Yelp! for deals.

Before actually crossing the bridge, Jimmy and I discovered the many many views of the bridge stopping for many pictures.  Though Jimmy has all of the pictures of both of us, I have some cute pictures of him to share.  What a stud.

And off we go!  Here's a shot of us on the bridge.  Remember to stay on the side reserved for bikers for max efficient cruising.  It was windy, but we were well equipped!

We made it to the other side to discover Sausalito!  It's a really cute town, but we didn't have time to really explore.  We were exhausted by the hills and were in a rush to make our return time.  The ferry back option seemed like a bit of a cluster so we decided to bolt back!  It was a physical challenge!  And the bike lanes weren't as clear on this side of the bay area.  I found myself cramping up.  It seemed like most people opted to just get a ferry ticket so that they didn't have to deal.

We made it back!  And just in time to grab a dinner.

We returned to So for their famous spicy chicken.  But I noticed it had been watered down.  The waitress proclaimed that I was the first one to notice!  "Yes, we got complaints, people even walked out because it was too spicy for them to eat!"  Well, I have to say it was more manageable and enjoyable when we weren't dying from the heat.

That evening we went to the Castro and watched our friends get messy.

The next day we explored the Mission District and Valencia street with Mony.  Interesting to see the Latino community hanging on to a thread while Valencia gentrification spills over.  The sad reality.

All the grit is being replaced with artist anal chocolate and oozey pastries.

Got to spend a few minutes with JV and Andy before heading across the new bay bridge.  Not sure why this picture is so yellow!

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