Monday, April 28, 2014

The Dark Horse Birthday

Charles' birthday was about to pass... without a celebration?  Not if I can help it.  After unnecessary brainstorming we came up with an Echo Park bar crawl starting at Gold's Room which serves an unheard of $4 beer + taco + tequila shot... you can imagine how this night was going to go.

"What's your favorite song right now Charles?"
"Dark Horse?"

A theme was born.

Andrew's sunburn gave him a cute cartoon-like blush.  Oh there's Charles... already there.  We guerilla gay bar-ed that place with at least 10 gaysians surround by latinos and hipsters... and latino hipsters.  Some of our weho gaysians didn't feel as comfortable in the space.  Come on!  Open your mind!

We were stuck in line for our second and last destination at Short Stop.  I've had my birthday here and I loved it.  Charles and I ran to the liquor store and bought everyone small bottles of hard liquor to drink in line.  It was brilliant and fun.  The bouncer caught us and told us not to bring them in.  Fair enough.  LOL

Once inside we kept the cheap drinks pouring Echo Park style.  Some RnB music came on.  I made eye contact with some girls and started to grind while their boy mates looked at us awkwardly.  I whispered "Im gay" to reassure them and continued to blow air on their chests and sway tightly for a song and a half.   I love dancing sensually.

One of Charles' friends asked me to find him.  I turned around and saw him trip on the step in front of the bar and fell in front of security and we got kicked out.  This is where I channeled the strength of 1000 men to control my birthday buddy who is a RUNNER.  My forearm was seriously sore from restraining him.

Somehow I got him home using a Lyft after chilling on someone's front yard.  The driver was so nervous that he would puke.  The highlight was when I sat him in the hallway at the house and told him not to move while I let our friends in.  I then heard a tumble and crash and there he was - upside down on the bottom of the stairway.

I was so angry I cussed him out.  "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING MOVE!"  Our friends were in shock.  I was a bit buzzed too and sooooo angry.  We created barricades to keep Charles from leaving the living room and he finally fell asleep.  He woke up the next day with a scratch on his cheek from his SECOND crash down the stairs that night.

Ugh.  Happy Birthday messy boy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coachella 2014 - Cont...

I already bought tickets for next year.  Coachella has become my ONE concert for the year so I'm pretty excited to participate again!  Though it was very stressful since users were able to cut in line to pre-order tickets with a secret link.  But our entire group was able to get in thankfully!

Coachella is different during the day and night.

There are a ton of pictures of the art installations.  These are my versions.

These windows were fun to play with.

The group with our guiding lights.

No enhancements needed to get sensory overload from the sahara tent.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coachella 2014

I was lucky enough to attend Coachella with experts.  And I was impressed with everything I experienced.  Food was good, lines were short, people had good energy.  It was spectacular.  I also couldn't get over the beautiful bodies and faces.  It was obvious that people spent months to be seen at Coachella. Abs abs abs everywhere and a pretty face to match.

I was expecting dirt ground, but it was all grassy and comfortable to lay on.
I was expecting long lines, but there were none
I was expecting insufferable heat, but there were plenty of shady spots and air conditioned booths
I was expecting my phone to die and to get lost, but my group had a lit up guiding lantern that kept us together and we found charging stations
I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg for water, but it was ALL free with easy filling stations
I was expecting to be bored, but as Jimmy described it - it's a playground with tons to see and things to interact with.
I was expecting to have difficulty sleeping, but the Marriot Villa Suite that we stayed at was pretty upscale.
I was expecting to wait an hour to leave, but our shuttle got us out of there quick!

I was expecting to be exhausted... that.. was a reality.  Currently I'm tired and spent all of Monday just laying down.  From the standing, the heat, the non-stopness of it all.

I stayed pretty sober, only drinking in the morning on the shuttle before I was forced to dispose the liquid before entering the grounds.  But it wasn't hard to sneak things in, but I wasn't really trying.

I wish I had taken pictures of all the unique things that people held up in the air to keep from getting lost in the crowd.  They printed large pictures of their faces/celebrities, they held up glowing gummy bears, they tied stuffed animals on sticks.  Even though there were 45,000 people there, It was easy to stay together if you held up something.  And the creativity made this part of the event really interesting.

What's even more amazing is that Coachella transforms at night.

The best thing to do when the sun sets is to remove your sunglasses and use a face wipe to peel off the layers of sunscreen on your face.  All of a sudden, you're at a different festival.  And people start to glow.

What about the music?  The performances were amazing.  And the light shows made me feel like I was tripping on drugs when I was completely sober the entire time.  I learned that it's always better to be in front, but that's difficult when you want to see multiple acts.

This is what I saw:

HAIM - Ern/Erik got me into HAIM.  These girls were fun to watch with their facial expressions... they were our welcome to Coachella
Bastille - Just stopped by to listen to their hit Pompeii
Ellie Golding - Fun to sing along to though I couldn't understand her when she spoke
Chromeo - SO good!  I was dancing around, I love the beats
Flume - I don't remember
Zedd - We were deep in Sahara air hangar-like arena immersed in lights, this was intense

Banks - She was wearing a big hat and looks like Monica from Friends.  She was hitting those high notes
Capital Cities - The trumpet player was good... and Safe and Sound.
MGMT - Missed their hit songs to catch Lorde
Lorde - Amazing live
Solange - We were pretty close and Solange is a very amazing performer.  Once Beyonce came out, the crowd did NOT know how to react.  I think I lost my breath.  They danced together.  It was amazing.

Pharrell Williams - Wish I was closer to the stage to see ALL of his surprise guests!  His voice was shocked so he couldn't really sing


Flosstradamus - Jimmy LOVES this DJ.  We were in the front and ended up moshing. I was worried because I was surrounded by children, but it was pretty fun!  Flosstradamus got all of the girls up on the guys shoulders at one point.  And though I missed a confetti shower, I experienced a water bottle shower when the group encouraged everyone to throw something in the air when the beat dropped.  Ridiculously fun.
I'm on the right with Jimmy

Little Dragon - She's part Asian.  Yay.  I saw her first song.  Yawn.
Calvin Harris - We were a bit far and the closer we got, the harder it was to see.  Still great!
Lana Del Rey - Great vocals, but I wanted to sit for this performance
Disclosure - Amazing. Amazing.  When it was just me and Jimmy, I pushed us closer to the front and he fell in love with the night when Sam Smith appeared.

Sad that I missed 
The Knife - Ern said they were great theatrical performers.
Fatboy Slim - Just wanted to hear their "She's All That" Song.. Funk Soul Brother
Empire of the Sun - For that one song I love...
The Yuma tent was also supposed to be pretty inside with hardwood floor and shiny things

During Disclosure, we found a large group of older shirtless meaty gays obviously tripping on something and making out with each other.  "I can't until I reclaim my gay youth when I turn 40 I thought to myself."

Jimmy put together a video of the weekend which included the Do Over Pool Party.

I think I'll go again next year.  But really think about wearing things that glow for the evening and getting creative with the guiding sticks.

Brunch with the boys at Ace Hotel Cafe: King's Highway

Cait wait!  I hope the prices don't go up again.

Most of these pictures were taken from Instagram #Coachella - photo credit given in file name

Monday, April 7, 2014

April Trip to the Bay

View from Mony's Loft

I rarely go back to the bay, but this time Joe was in SF and it was an opportunity to see him.  So I got a bus... sort of... and found myself in San Francisco.

Mony works in hospitality so when I crawled into bed with him he kicked me out because I was wrinkling his sheets.  What a punk.

Anhimals was a part of the guest list too so we got ready for the Castro.  Here we are fidgeting with our hair.

We visited an apartment inhabited by creatives.  This guy bought some fiber optics from ebay and took it upon himself to get creative with the installation.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the boys.  They are my family.

Anhimals on the other hand is my lover.  

And JV is my little brother.

Well actually... this is my little brother.  :]  But JV is my other little brother.

...and my parents who don't seem to age.

Oh!  And my high school friends.

Until next time bay areeeeeaaaa...

Thursday, April 3, 2014


2014 is not my year.  When I went to pick up a coworker in downtown back in December, I was going 45MPH down my usually road to Little Tokyo, this time it was during school time.  What's the cost of 45 in a school zone?  When all is said and done: $441 for the fine and traffic school to get it off your record.

I did intensive research and found this great first person account:

But instead of selecting a court date, requesting an extension and praying that my cop doesn't show up, I accidentally selected "Schedule an Arraignment" with no way of undoing it.  Well fuck, I messed that up.  What is an arraignment!??  It's when you go to court and they tell you what you did wrong - if you plead guilty you pay, if you plead not guilty you schedule a court date.  Wait.. you could avoid this extra meeting if you just pay.  I'm an idiot.

But I confirmed this notion through my adventures - go to court, your fine will be reduced.  After doing the courtroom dance lead by an amusing court officer who was both patient, positive and way too good at their job handling confused and stressed people the judge came in and said the following.

"... some of you will plead not guilty and roll your dice that your officer will not show up.  But you lose your right to traffic school and the odds are probably against you.  However, we understand everyone's economic hardships.  Your fine will be slashed in half if you plead guilty today."

And like a processed food on a conveyer belt we all stood up, walked up to the mic, said our plea and went on our way.

"Jose, you did not stop at a right turn, how do you plead?"
"Your fine is cut in half, please make your way upstairs.. you have the option for community service or traffic school."  The judge had a great motherly smile.

"Amy, you were jaywalking"  ... people waiting their turn started to whisper.  Poor tall blonde girl in a miniskirt, you should have used the crosswalk.

So my $441 didn't cut to $220.50, but to $312.  Because the court FEEs remained the same.  I'll take it.  And it's the best route to admitting guilt and paying a lower fee for those who feel morally obligated to being punished.... I did see those children I suppose.


I just finished traffic school through Cheap Cartoon Online Traffic.  Use the link below to save $2

Total should be $12.95, no hidden fees.  That's like the cost of an Old Fashion at a trending bar or a vodka soda at the Abbey.

MegaFail on Megabus

This is image is pretty dramatic, but that's what it felt like inside my stomach when I missed my bus to San Francisco by 3 minutes.  I spent hours laying out the logistics of my VERY last minute trip to the bay area - what time I would leave work, who I would meet up with, where I would eat.  Down to the second because ... that's me.  On my way to the station from work, I asked the bus driver if I should switch to the subway to avoid downtown traffic, he recommended that I just stay on the city bus that I was on.  I failed to inform him that I was in a rush.

It took me 1.5 hours to get to the downtown station and 5 minutes to disrupt my body chemistry.  Jimmy picked me up and made me feel better.  My mind was fine, but my stomach churned sharply.  A sensation that was neither nausea or indigestion.  Before this, I thought I could stay composed in intense situations such as when Jimmy though he was having a heart attach or when I was a life guard, but apparently not because this missed bus made my stomach do strange things.

It wasn't until I tweeted @megabus and wrote on their FB wall after eating dinner with Jimmy did I feel better.  YEAH! Justice!

But this situation really does show how comfortable my life has been when minor set backs like this upset me so harshly biologically.

The story:

Anyway - lesson learned.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 - Recap

Catching up!  Lot's of random things in March and here they are in no particular order:

Discovered Pour Haus in DTLA which offers an affordable flight of wine and board games. There's this strip in the lower part of the Art's District with fancy restaurants.  It's a interesting area; very industrial.  The new Santa Fe condos are going to change the feel of district once completed.  Good bye parking!

Below are the neighboring restaurants that are $$$

Church and State
The Factory Kitchen
Test Kitchen 2012
Little Bear
Fifty Seven
Daily Dose Cafe

Exploring a Stay on Main, a hotel in DTLA popular for backpackers.  I'm curious about the history here.

Happy birthday Andrew!

"Always on Top" - Improv group

Jimmy is being cute in Silverlake

Caught Andrew acting wild at the USC Fisher Museum of Art. #security

Andrew caught fish at the California Science Center.

Caught these boys playing a drinking game

Happy Birthday JV!  Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles!  I'm glad to always catch this guy's birthday.

Hermosa Beaching

Hermosa Beach sunset right before the St. Patrick day crowd rolls in.  Doucheeeees

Echo Park Lake paddle boating.  $10 an hour a person... or was it $12?

Jimmy's family doing a traditional Indo dance for his brother's wedding reception.  One of Jimmy's friends came up to me and asked me to dance.  We slow danced like middle school.  I was thankful that she noticed my awkwardness.  I appreciate people like that.  People who notice things and approach people.  Very admirable.  I love her for it.

Sort of celebrated Persian New Years at the LACMA.  Need to explore Persian food.  Need to understand more about that region of the world.  And the differences in delicacies.

Reflections at Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake.  There's a wednesday gay night... but it wasn't very gay.  I had the best michelada there.

This is how we do late night.  Tacos on a car trunk.

Absurdly long line for one of the ramen vendors at the Ramen Festival in Santa Ana.  Come early, it's not worth it otherwise.  We broke off into groups and each had 1.5 bowls of ramen... for a lot of money.  We decided that Haraiya Miso Wonton-men was amazing and that the Mattou Seimen Szechuan ramen fell flat.  Both from Japan!  Hmmm... I should post pictures huh?  I should snag those from Jimmy.

A really fun game of Pictionary.  The neighbor told us to be quiet at 9PM.  So we had to whisper.  Made the game more interesting.

Enjoying a parklet in Highland park.

The good thing about living in a loft in DTLA is that you have access to your own epic roof top.  This view is out of the Union Lofts.

Enjoyed #artivism in downtown LA.

Lazertag birthday in Sherman Oaks!  The Alhambra location is larger!

We said our good byes to MJ's bar in Silverlake.  It was sad, but it was time.  We hadn't gone to MJs in a while.  I'm sad I missed out on more foam parties and glow parties.  That night was odd.  The bartenders were lazy, there was only one go-go boy.  It really was dead.  

Sunny moved 1 mile from me.  She has this amazing roof top porch.

After drinking, I took a lyft to Sean's place.  He made me an epic quesadilla with a ton of meat and then drove me home.  What a homie.

Eating Out March

Ramen Yamadaya - I love dipping ramen- tsukemen, but this place missed the mark.  It should have known; it's not their specialty.
Mario's Peruvian - A classic.  Lomo saltado fantastic.
The Black Sheep - Burger and Bar joint in DTLA
Paciugo Gelato - Gelato in Hermosa beach
The Highland Cafe - The best chilly cuties AKA chilaquiles I've had.  Crispy!
Isaan Station - Do NOT order standard thai dishes here.  And it's spicy!  Still dreaming about what we ordered.
The Highland Cafe - Also ordered an amazing bulgogi sandwich and kale salad, which I enjoyed surprisingly
Singapore's Banana Leaf - Get it Indo style!  Comes with fried egg!
Seongbukdong - Yummy Korean seafood pancake
Salju Desserts - This Vietnamese Iced Coffee snow is unreal.
The Black Sheep - With flash this time
Piper's - The Denny's of Koreatown.  Cute patio...
Papparich - Laksa! With thicker noodles.  Mmmmm
Fickle - Bone Marrow... it was okay
Flemings - Happy Hour... pretty good and perfect for straight after work
Square One - Expensive brunch, but one of the best Benedict I've had.  Need cheese for the grits.

I've reviewed most of these places on Yelp!  #elite!

Gay Men's Chorus of LA 

The "God Save the Queen(s)" concert was a tribute to the UK.  This concert had skits and choreo.  Elaborate costumes, set changes.  It was broadway and fabulous.  There was a James Bond skit, Adele and One Direction songs and a serious and touching rendition of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek."  During a silent part of this song, someone in the row behind us forgot to put their phone on silent and the familiar trill of a Grindr message alert went off.  Surrounding gays could not stop chuckling.

Max Studios Karaoke

Andy is so talented.

Annnnnndddd that was March!